In MONTECHICO, in the heart of Salamanca meadows, itself the cradle of Iberian ham along with the town Jabugo and Los Pedroches Valley, our Iberian pigs go out to pasture in freedom.
Bred in a completely natural way during the entire year, our Iberian pigs are fed with acorns from Holm oaks during the ‘montanera’ fattening period.


It is only by means of a limited and select production that we can breed them in freedom for the whole year, in a perfect environment for rearing this kind of cattle.

The special temperature and humidity conditions of our climate provide our ham and cold meat a pleasant taste that makes them different. In “Casas del Monte” MONTECHICO (Montechico premises), with over 50 years of tradition behind, we make available to you (and your palate) a select variety of products which will make any dish an authentic delicacy.


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