‘Livestock Farming Factory Montechico, S.L.’, is the society through which ‘Salamanca Refrigerators, S.L.’  makes use of and commercialises the products under the trademark “Casas del Monte” MONTECHICO.

The trademark was born in 2002 in Salamanca. Three years later, under the said trademark, we put into the market the first Iberian acorn products, the first ‘añada’ (harvest) coming from our farm in the town ‘Vega de Tirados’ (Salamanca).

Our animals are reared in freedom, thoroughbred Iberian and crossbred Duroc Jesey. The abattoir where they are slaughtered, and the farming factory where the ham, cold meat and other products are produced, are both located in the town Doñinos de Salamanca.

The quality that we offer our clients with the trademark “Casas del Monte” MONTECHICO results from the right combination of the breeding and selection of the animals and the elaboration of the products, taking advantage of the experience, as manufacturer, of ‘Refrigerators Salamanca, S.A.’, with over 60 years of experience in the sector. 

The location of our farm and our factory in Salamanca, which is cradle of Iberian products breeding and the province of Spain where more than 75% of the Iberian products are made, guarantees our certificate of origin and our commitment to quality.

Our slogan:

A commitment to quality, respecting tradition

commits ourselves and motivates us to continue offering our clients products elaborated with the best raw material and the utmost care in their elaboration.

We sell our products in Spain and other countries, such as Hong Kong, Switzerland, France and the UK, combining our online sales with sales onsite in our local shop in Vigo, 1 Colon Street. We offer our clients more than 300 pieces of Iberian ham and pork shoulder, and a wide range of cold meat and sliced meat products. Our products are tested on a daily basis in order to guarantee their quality, and they pass the test day by the day.

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